Grisha Bruskin

Russian , 1945 -

Grigorij Davidovich Bruskin was born in Moscow in 1945. From 1957 to 1963 he studied at Moscow Art School and from 1963 to 1968 he studied at the Applied Arts Department of the Moscow Textile Institute. He became a member of the USSR Union of Artists in 1969.

In 1983 an attempt was made to exclude Bruskin from the Union of Artists and the final verdict was public condemnation. Five years later, he moved to New York and in 1997, with jazz musician, Vladimir Tarasov, he created the performance, “An Island: A Piece of Dry Land Surrounded by Water”. Two years later, the German government invited Bruskin to be an artistic representative of Russia to create the triptych, “Life Above All”, for the Berlin Reichstag.


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