Brad Brown

American , 1964 -

Brad Brown was born in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1964 and currently lives in New York City.

Brown makes drawings with charcoal, graphite, tea and olive oil. He smudges, rubs and doodles in a systematic search for the final form of the work. Drawing figurative and abstract elements democratically, he amasses a quantity of images. From these he culls poetic fragments through a process of tearing and reworking the drawings.

Brown made his first prints in July of 2002. To achieve the “Drifting Low” series, he made many plates, laying down notations from various sources. The plates were then printed in many combinations and orientations. “This random running of the plates through the press gave me the opportunity to ‘watch’ the drawing process, to pay attention and wait for interesting things to occur.” Once Brown had culled the pages where the imagery accumulated in poetic ways, he began tearing them up in a systematic fashion. The resulting works are made up of several different prints that have been “torn and married; separated and reconstructed.”

Brad Brown has received grants and awards from the California Arts Council, the Ruth Chenven Foundation, the Western States Art Federation and the Vermont Studio Center.
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