Albert Abramovitz

Latvian , 1879 - 1963

Albert Abramovitz was born in 1879 in Riga, Latvia. A student at both the Imperial Art School in Odessa and at the Grande Chaumière in Paris, he became a member of the Paris Salon in 1911. He was elected a member of the Salon's jury in 1913. Abramovitz received a medal at Clichy and an award in Paris, as well as the Grand Prize at the Universal Exhibition in Rome and Turin, Italy in 1911.

Going to America in 1916, Abramovitcz was the subject of many shows including exhibitions at the Art Institute of Chicago, Union of American Artists, the American Artists Congress exhibition, “In Defense of Culture," the ACA Gallery exhibition, “Artists in the War," the New Age Gallery, The National Academy of Design, the American Association of University Women and the American Artists Congress.

Abramovitz’s engravings were often socially and politically oriented. From 1935 to 1939 he made 18 prints, which reflect a wide variety of subject matter, for the Federal Arts Project in New York.


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