Ernest Born

American , 1898 - 1992

American architect, mural painter and architectural draughtsman Ernest Born was born in San Francisco in 1898. He studied at the University of California with John Galen Howard and at the American School in Fontainebleau. He studied painting under Armin Hansen in Carmel.

Born practiced architecture in California and New York and was on the editorial staff of the Architectural Record and the Architectural Forum. Apart from architectural works, he produced murals in New York and for the Golden Gate International Exhibition in 1939. He also completed drawings for the proposed United Nations Center on San Francisco Bay, which were exhibited at the San Francisco Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He completed a commissioned series of 16 lithographs of New York City in 1930- 1931 in editions of 20. Although many of his drawings have been published, these were apparently his only prints.

Born was the author and illustrator of “The New Architecture in New Mexico” and the coauthor and illustrator of “Barns of the Abbey of Beaulieu” and “The Plan of St. Gall”, both the latter published by the University of California Press.


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