Richard Parkes Bonington

British , 1801 - 1828

Born in Arnold near Nottingham, Bonington moved with his family to Calais, France at the age of sixteen. It was here that the artist received his initial artistic instruction, which was interestingly enough from a tutor who was familiar with the Girtin school of English painting. Following this Bonington went on to study at the Louvre, where he became acquainted with Eugène Delacroix, before embarking on further study at the Ècole Des Beaux-Arts. During his lifetime Bonington travelled extensively around Europe, producing lithographic and painted landscapes as a result. Upon returning to Paris he shared a studio with Delacroix until 1828 when he returned to England suffering with consumption. During this time he exhibited both at the British Institution and the Royal Academy of Arts before dying later that same year.


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