Arnold Bocklin

Swiss , 1827 - 1901

A Swiss painter, Bocklin was born in Basle, Switzerland in 1827. In 1845, he attended the Dusseldorf Academy of Art where he studied under Johann Wilhelm Schirmer who was known for his panoramic style of painting. From 1847, Bocklin took a year to travel to Brussels, Antwerp, Switzerland and Paris and in 1850, he moved to Rome, where he studied the work of the ancients and found the inspiration for many of his works. He was appointed as a Professor at the Academy of Weimar in 1860 and only two years later, returned to Rome to visit Naples and Pompeii. In 1874, he moved to Florence where he remained for the next ten years, during which period he produced the paintings, "The Island of the Dead" and "The Holy Wood". In 1895, he relocated to a villa at San Domenico, near Fiesole where he remained for the last years of his life until his death in 1901.


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