Claudia Bernardi


Born in Buenos Aires, Claudia Bernardi fled Argentina in 1980 after working as a forensic anthropologist on the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team. In 1992, the team excavated the mass grave at the site of El Mozote in El Salvador where some 300 people, including over 130 children were murdered. Bernardi’s work is profoundly influenced by the horrors she witnessed during her time in Central America.

She likens the process of creating her prints with the process of exhumation. She sees the two experiences as both cathartic and purgative. Bernardi honors the dead in her collograph entitled “Descubrí en mi costilla izquierda, un pulgar”. The print is a direct response to the tragedy of lives cut short.

In addition to being the recipient of numerous grants, Bernardi is an accomplished lecturer and has held a teaching appointment at the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of California at Berkeley.


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