Toshi Yoshida

Japanese , 1911 - 1995

Toshi Yoshida was born in 1911 in Tokyo and from an early age he studied painting and printmaking from his father, Hiroshi Yoshida and his mother, Fujio. In 1930, Yoshida and his father went on a sketching trip, to India and later, to Southeast Asia. He spent most of 1936 in China and Korea and after the end of WWII he visited practically all parts of the world, including Antarctica.

During his travels, Toshi made sketches for new prints, held exhibitions of his art and lectured about woodblock printmaking in Europe and the United States. Like his father, Toshi transformed many of his sketches of his travels outside Japan into print designs and many of his mountain landscape prints are viewed from a summit. He began experimenting in abstract art in 1950, after his father died, but after a short time, he returned to his original realistic style. Toshi opened a printmaking school in the Nagano Prefecture in 1980 and some of his students would later become famous artists and printmakers in their own right.

Original Toshi Yoshida prints are signed in a Western manner, in pencil and some of his abstract prints were published in limited editions, a custom not commonly practiced by traditional Japanese ukiyo-e printmaking. During the latter years of his life, Toshi suffered from severe rheumatism and was not able to personally sign his prints.
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