Betty Woodman

American , 1930 -

Betty Woodman was born in Norwalk, Connecticut in 1930 and now lives in New York and Italy. Woodman is a leading American ceramist whose dazzling inventions with form and color have moved beyond the traditional domain of craft and consistently challenged the limits of the medium.

Since 1984, Woodman has collaborated with Master printer Bud Shark to produce monotypes, woodcuts and lithographs with the same inventiveness and exuberance of her ceramic work. Taking up the challenge to work in two dimensions, Woodman paints, cuts and collages her prints to create glorious pots sitting in interiors, just as she forms, cuts and assembles her ceramic pots. Woodman’s painterly prints make reference to the rich history of ceramics around the world, from the “Oribe Tray” monotypes, to “Etruscan Pot”, and “Iznik” and the pots that she refers to as Japanese ladies in the woodcut/lithograph, “Ladies on the Balcony”. Her most recent woodcut/lithograph, “Greek Pots Visit Edo”, continues her exploration of interior space and traditional vessel forms with exuberant color and patterns.

Woodman’s work has been shown widely around the world, including exhibitions in France, Italy, Holland and Japan.
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