William T. Wiley

American , 1937 -

William T. Wiley was born in Bedford, Indiana in 1937 and now lives in northern California. Wiley uses current political and social issues to comment on life in our time. His stunning draftsmanship, and freeform love of language are combined in paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture. We are invited into a crazy, exciting and thoughtful conversation with the artist about all that makes life interesting. With a wide and ranging knowledge of art history, Wiley sprinkles historical references throughout his work. His sensuous and accurate drawing evokes the Old Masters, but when we discover the visual and verbal puns hidden throughout his prints and drawings, we recognize a fellow inhabitant of the 20th century United States.

William Wiley has collaborated with Bud Shark on several print projects, including the large hand-colored woodcut, “Leviathin” and the lithograph, “Aboriginal Child Frightened by Abstraction”. The latest prints are the woodcut/lithographs, “In the Garden” and “Almost Human…lie cuss”.

William T. Wiley has shown widely in solo and group exhibitions in the United States and internationally.
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