Hieronymus Wierix

Flemish , 1553 - 1619

Engraver and brother of Johannes, Hieronymus Wierix was born in Antwerp in 1553. When his father died, Hieronymus (also known as Jerome) was entrusted to Jerome Manacker. He began his training by making engravings after Dürer, much as his brother had.

In 1570, Wierix joined Christoph Plantin and became a master engraver in 1573. After Plantin had to pay a fine and rescue Jerome from jail, he became exasperated and terminated his employment. Wierix’s first independent engraving dates back to 1577 and he worked for several other publishers. From 1577 to 1580, he made numerous prints for Willem van Haecht and his nephew Godevaard van Haecht. These prints were mostly allegorical and political in theme, showing sympathy for those rebelling against the Spanish.
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