Emmi Whitehorse

American , 1958 -

Painter and printmaker Emmi Whitehorse was born in Crownpoint, New Mexico in 1958 and now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Using a private language of symbols and memories, Whitehorse makes ‘personal diaries’ of her life as an artist and of her aboriginal heritage. She creates textures and colors that conjure up the atmosphere and experience of the New Mexico landscape. “This land appears in her work simultaneously as very distant and very close up, in atmospheric washes and sharp details and lines. As we see, her paintings are consummate abstractions, welcome in the world of art for art’s sake for their finely balanced forms and colors. They are also metaphysical views from the Navajo world. As such, they offer to viewers ‘from both worlds’ a glimpse of what art can be.” (Lucy Lippard)
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