Lynd Kendall Ward

American , 1905 - 1985

Lynd Kendall Ward was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1905. In 1926 he graduated from Columbia University where he majored in illustrating and the graphic arts. Ward completed his education in Leipzig, Germany, where he studied wood engraving under Hans Alexander Mueller.

Ward returned to America and set to work on his first book, “God’s Man: A Novel in Woodcuts”, initially published in 1929. This book and a number of others that followed were composed solely of Ward’s woodcuts. During the next several years, Ward illustrated and wrote a number of novels and produced individual woodcuts, wood engravings, paintings and drawings. He received numerous awards including the Library of Congress Award in 1948, the National Academy of Design Print Award in 1949, the New York Times Best Illustrated Award in 1973 and the Regina Award in 1975.

Currently, Ward is thought to be among the finest American wood engravers of the 20th century, a group that includes Rockwell Kent, Fritz Eichenberg and Paul Landacre.
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