John von Wicht

German , 1888 -

John von Wicht was born in Holstein, Germany in 1888. His interest in art began at the age of 10, when he first began sketching. He sold his first drawing at the age of fifteen and his first oil at the age of nineteen. Von Wicht attended the Private Art School of the Grand Duke of Hesse in Darmstadt (the precursor to the Bauhaus) and went on to study at the Berlin School of Applied and Fine Arts. He received numerous scholarships during his time as a student, enabling him to travel through Scotland and England, where he produced a number of lithographs.

While serving in WWI, von Wicht was wounded and partially paralyzed and during his recovery, he executed book designs and did illustration work. He had several one-man exhibitions in Scotland, Sweden, England, Germany and France, before arriving in the United States in 1923. Von Wicht and his wife settled in Brooklyn Heights, home to a growing art community, and he began working for the U.S. Printing and Lithography Company, until 1925. Afterwards, he went on to mural work and mosaics, producing many commissions in the United States and Canada for Ravenna Mosaics.

Von Wicht has published a number of works on the subject of 20th century art.
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