Ueno Tadamasa

Japanese , 1904 - 1970

Ueno Tadamasa was born as Ueno Katsumi in 1904. He studied with Torii Kyotada and Torii VII. In 1940 Tadamasa met with Watanabe Shozaburo to discuss the publication of woodblock prints based on his kabuki paintings.The meeting resulted in a collaboration on two series of prints. Tadamasa produced a series of 18 prints titled “Kabuki kumadori juhachi ban” (Eighteen Kabuki Makeups), one print for each month. Another series titled “Zoku kumadori juhachiban” was planned, but abandoned after the production of the first seven prints.These prints were all signed with Tadamasa'a signature, but with a variety of different seals.

During the years of the Pacific War, artistic works suffered due to a lack of demand for kubuki and ukiyo-e. Materials also became scarce during this time. After the war, Tadamasa continued to produce work in the kabuki genre, designing posters for kabuki theaters and publishing two series in 1952: “Kabuki juhachi-ban”, (Eighteen Kabuki Plays by the Ichikawa Family) and “Kabuki juhachiban-no- uchi”, (One of Eighteen Kabuki Plays). In the early 1950s, Tadamasa collaborated with Shokokusha to design a 12 print kabuki calendar series. Tadamasa died in 1970.


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