Jonas Suyderhoef

Dutch , 1613 - 1686

Dutch etcher and engraver, Jonas Suyderhoef was born in Haarlem circa 1613. He worked after the compositions of 50 or more different artists, including Frans Hals, Gerrit van Honthorst, Anthony van Dyck, Joachim von Sandrart and Gerhard ter Borch (the younger), as well as many others.

In the prints that Suyderhoef created after Hals, he managed to imitate the effect of painted half-tones through his delicate handling of the etching needle. He often finished his plates off with the burin. His complete graphic oeuvre consists of 138 engravings, some being group scenes and mythological depictions.

During the late 1640s, Suyderhoef collaborated with Pieter Claesz. He served as dean of the Haarlem guild in 1678 and his name appears repeatedly in the books of the guild after 1664. His first dated engraving bears the year 1641, while his latest dated print, a portrait of Noah Smaltius, after Johan Thopas, is dated 1669. Suyderhoef died in Haarlem in 1686.


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