Carol Summers

American , 1925 -

Born in Woodstock, New York in 1925, Carol Summers is renowned for his revolutionary woodblock techniques. After serving for four years in the Marines during and after World War II, Summers studied painting and printmaking at Bard College. He traveled to Italy and with a grant from the Italian government he moved his studio there in 1959. Later, he moved his studio to India and then Mexico, each place leaving its mark on his work.

In 1972 Summers moved to Santa Cruz, California where he met his second wife. After traveling to Mexico, Summers and his wife bought a hacienda there and converted it into a bed and breakfast that is still open today. Summers also moved his studio to Mexico.

Selected Exhibitions:

1965 Lowe Art Museum, Miami, FL

1967 Washington Gallery of Modern Art, Washington DC

1975 Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, OH

1977 Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY

1983 University of California, Santa Cruz, CA
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