William Strang

Scottish , 1859 - 1921

Scottish painter and printmaker, William Strang was born in Dumbarton in 1859. After a brief apprenticeship with a shipbuilding firm in Clydesdale, Strang entered the Slade School of Art where he studied under Alphonse Legros. After completing his studies at the Slade School, Strang became an assistant to Legros for a year in the printmaking class. He worked primarily as an etcher for the next 20 years.

Strang’s works include etchings of landscapes in the style of Rembrandt and pastoral themes indebted to Giorgione. Strang etched 150 portraits of leading artistic and literary figures of the time. He was greatly influenced by the Belgian and French Symbolists’ work. He had two sons, Ian Strang and David Strang, who were also printmakers. William Strang died in Bournemouth in 1921.
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