Richard Sloat

American , 1945 -

Richard Sloat was born in Easton, Pennsylvania in 1945 and currently lives in Manhattan. He studied at the University of Pennsylvania with Rackstaw Downes and the Art Students League with Roberto Delamonica. He has lectured in New York and California and was recently elected to the National Academy. He is a member of the Society of American Graphic Artists (SAGA) and serves as the Vice President.

He has been in many shows in the United States and Asia. He has received many awards including the Joseph M. Kaveney Memorial Award at the Janet Turner National Print Competition, 1999; The Alfred D. Crimi Award at the Audubon Artists, 1998; Purchase Prize at the Broome Street Gallery Invitational, 1998 and the American Artist Award at Audubon Artists in 1996.

Richard Sloat is one of those rare artists who works his images in stages or in print terms, states. Often one of his prints might go through ten states before he finally gets to the final or published state. Because he might work on a plate over a period of many years, he will occasionally decide that it is finished and print a small edition. This is not to say that he is abusing the edition sizes. In an article that Richard wrote, he discusses in detail one of his prints and how it goes from the early states to the final state with two distinct editions. One in state five in entitled “El Passing” and the final version “Twilight El” in states twelve and thirteen.
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