Giuseppe Scolari

Italian , 1550 - 1600

Giuseppe Scolari was born in Vicenza around the late 16th century and the early 17th century. Between 1592 and 1607 he was a member of the Arte dei Depentori in Venice. He is generally thought to have been a pupil of the painter Giambattista Maganza of Vicenza, though according to some, he was a student of the Mannerist Giovanni Demio or Paolo Veronese.

Scolari is justly famous for his graphic production, as his body of works consists of nine woodcuts. Some of them are signed, but none of them are dated and the subjects are always religious, except in the case of the “Rape of Proserpina”. Two of the prints are images of saints and six depict scenes from the Passion, confirming the fact that during the late 16th century, artistic woodcuts in Venice were predominately devotional.
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