Micah Schwaberow

American , 1948 -

Born in Eugene, Oregon in 1948, Micah Schwaberow is noted for his exquisitely rendered miniature works. He spent time training at the atelier of Toshi Yoshida, learning traditional Japanese woodblock printmaking techniques. He also studied painting with Maury Lapp and printmaking with Elizabeth Quandt-Barr.

Schwaberow has held teaching positions in California and Japan and his work was included in special edition letterpress books. Since 1983, when Schwaberow returned from Japan, his prints have been relatively small in scale, offering distinctively fragile images in both landscape and figure studies.

Schwaberow has produced a number of boxed suites of artwork, including “Tuolumne, Book I”, which won first prize in a nationwide competition to commemorate Yosemite National Park. Schwaberow’s figurative works are commonly more monochromatic than his landscapes, with fewer blocks and steps used in the printing process.
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