Peter Schuyff

Dutch , 1958 -

Peter Schuyff was born in Baarn, Holland in 1958 and in 1967 he moved, with his family, to Vancouver, Canada. Schuyff grew up amidst the radicalism of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s and was fascinated by his father’s “hippie” colleagues. He became enthralled with a number of art- world personalities, including Andy Warhol and other New York School painter, such as Willem de Kooning. Inspired by their talents, Schuyff enrolled at the Vancouver School of Art, where he studied for a year and a half. After leaving school, he painted, for a time, in Vancouver and befriended Canadian painter, Michael Morris, from whom he learned a great deal.

Drawn to New York, Schuyff settled in the East Village in 1981 and did traditional work while being inspired by nontraditional art. He had his first solo exhibition in 1982 at the White Columns in New York, after which, he exhibited on a regular basis. Schuyff is a master draughtsman and his work is known for it’s Op-Art illusions and energetic attention to color, form and light.


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