Anton T. Schutz

American , 1894 - 1977

Anton Schutz was born in 1894 in Berndorf, Germany. He studied engineering and mathematics prior to serving in the German Army during WWI. After the war he attended the University of Munich and the Royal Academy of Fine Art from which he earned degrees in Engineering and Architecture. In Germany, Schutz established a reputation as a well- known etcher of landscapes and cities. He emigrated to New York in 1924 and studied and worked alongside Joseph Pennell at the Art Students League.

Schutz rapidly became an eminent etcher of the burgeoning American city of the 1920s. His works from this time are rife with the new skyscrapers rising out of America’s downtowns and its bridges spanning the harbors. In 1925 Schutz founded the New York Graphic Society and two years later he began touring the country etching cityscapes for the New York Times Magazine, which also commissioned him to tour Japan, China and the Soviet Union to produce etchings of these far away locales. In keeping with the times Schutz produced a series of etchings of the world’s major stock exchanges.

“Anton Schutz: New York in Etchings” was published by Bard Brothers in 1939, containing facsimiles of Schutz’s best known works, his images of New York City. During his later years, he published prints as President of the New York Graphic Society and he also worked with Unesco. In 1972, five years before his death, Schutz wrote his autobiography, entitled “My Share of Wine”.
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Plaza Lights

c. 1929.

Allinson Gallery, Inc.

$2,200 - $5,500