Jorg Schmeisser

German/Australian , 1942 -

Born in 1942 in Pomerania, Jörg Schmeisser studied at the Hamburg Fine Arts Academy before taking a post- graduate position at the Fine Arts University in Kyoto, Japan. From 1978 to 1997 he was head of the Printmaking workshop of the Canberra School of Art, which is now part of the Australian National University. Schmeisser went on to become a Professor at the Kyoto City University of Art where he studied more than 30 years ago.

Schmeisser has traveled extensively, starting in 1965 with a trip through the Middle East. Through his travels he developed an interest in archeology working in a number of digs. Numerous fellowships and residencies have taken him to Jerusalem, Perth, Hobart, Hangzhou and Princeton University. Work projects have taken him to Antarctica, Angkor and Ladakh.

Schmeisser records places and emotions with a fine sense of line and composition that has made him an internationally recognized printmaker. His powers of observation, sharpened during frequent fieldtrips as an archeological draughtsman, have been directed increasingly to the recording of a total experience, not merely the appearance of objects.

Dedicated to all aspects of print creation (Schmeisser prints most of his plates) and influenced by the archeological imperatives of scientific exactitude; Schmeisser's work is also marked by the abiding impact of his time spent studying in Japan. He describes the Japanese attitude and its influence as an uncompromising dedication, coupled with a fine-tuned respect for the chosen material and 'immersion' in the printmaking process.


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