Peter Saul

American , 1934 -

Born in 1934 in San Francisco, Peter Saul is a renowned painter of entertaining and provocative paintings. As an “anti-conformist” and “bad boy” of painting, he mingles beauty and savagery, romance and ugliness in works that disarm the viewer.

Drawing imagery from popular culture and using brash colors that add to the confusion, Saul accentuates the violent and vulgar nature of representation. He has a taste for narration and buffoonery. Saul made prints for the first time at Shark’s Ink in November of 2002.

He used his fine drawing skill and high-keyed color to create three lithographs, “Self Portrait with haircut”, “Modern Home” and “Origins of Captain Marvel”. Most recently, Saul has lived and worked in Germantown, New York.
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