Raphael I Sadeler

Flemish , 1560 - 1628

Raphael Sadeler I was born in Antwerp in 1560. In 1579 he moved to Cologne with his brother, Jan’s family. He became his brother’s pupil and the pair traveled together to Italy and Munich. Raphael returned to Antwerp sometime between 1582 and 1586 and in 1582 he was admitted to the Antwerp Guild of St. Luke. Raphael and his brother, Jan’s collaborations included engraving and printing various series, of which the “Hermits” are the most notable. During his time in Antwerp, Raphael made engravings after such artists as Frans Pourbus, Quinten Metsys, Marten de Vos, Paul Bril and Bartholomäus Spranger. Raphael spent time in Munich in the early 1590s, engraving after works by Joos van Winghe, Peter Candid and Hans von Aachen. He also worked after the Italian masters, including Carracci and Bassano. He may have traveled to Prague in 1593, the same year he obtained a license from the Emperor Rudolph II.
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