Phillip Otto Runge

German , 1777 - 1810

Phillip Otto Runge was born in 1777 in Wolgast in West Pomerania and came to Hamburg when he was 18 years old. From 1799 to 1801 Runge studied at the famous art academy in Copenhagen, where he learned the traditional crafts training. Eventually, Runge moved to Dresden and spurned the city’s Academy, convinced that no art could arise from following their stringent rules. In 1804, Runge married Pauline Bassenge and the pair moved to Hamburg where Runge created the major paintings, “The Nightingale’s Singing Lesson”, “Rest on the Flight to Egypt”, “The Parents”, “The Hulsenbeck Children” and both versions of “Morning”. When Runge died in 1810, he was still largely unknown. The first director of the Hamburg Kunsthalle, Alfred Lichtwark, recognized Runge’s importance as an artist adn today, nearly the entire oeuvre of Runge’s paintings, as well as his graphic works can be found in the collections of the Hamburg Kunsthalle.
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