Louis C. Rosenberg

American , 1890 - 1983

Artist, author and architect, Louis Conrad Rosenberg was born in Portland, Oregon in 1890. In 1906 he trained with T. Chapell Brown, a New Zealand architect in Portland. He went to work for Ellis Fuller Lawrence several years later and in 1912 he was awarded a scholarship by the Architectural Club of Portland. He studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and graduated in 1914. He taught at the New School of Architecture at the University of Portland before joining the Army Camouflage Corps. He completed his tour of duty in 1919 but stayed in Europe until 1921.

Louis C. Rosenberg began producing etchings in 1921-1922. He met the etcher, William Walcot, at the American Academy of Rome, who introduced Rosenberg to H.C. Dickens. Mr. Dickens financed the printing of several of his early prints. Louis C. Rosenberg, throughout his etching career, remained an architect.
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