Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn

Dutch , 1606 - 1669

Born in 1606, painter, draftsman and engraver, Rembrandt van Rijn studied locally before apprenticing under Pieter Lastman in Amsterdam. Lastman instilled in Rembrandt his taste for religious and allegorical subjects and exposed him to Carvaggio’s style. Rembrandt returned to Leyden around 1624 and worked independently and collaborated with Jan Lievensz. He painted a variety of subjects, including a number of self- portraits. He moved to Amsterdam around 1631 and became a successful painter of great wealth. He began using canvas, in place of panel and experimenting with different paints. He also explored etching during this time. Rembrandt refused to adapt his style to prevailing fashion and as a result, he went nearly bankrupt. After surviving both of his children and his wife, Rembrandt died poor and alone in 1669. Rembrandt’s pupils included Gerrit Dou, Aert de Gelder, Govaert Flink and Nicolaes Maes, among others. The Morgan Library has digitized their entire collection of Rembrandt prints: click here to view.
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