Richard Ranft

Swiss , 1862 - 1931

Born in 1862, Richard Ranft was one of Sordet’s pupils in Geneva. He received his introductory classes from Gustave Courbet near Vevey, Switzerland. Ranft mainly worked and lived in Paris, starting his painting career with landscape and human figure studies.

Ranft's prints mainly reflect an enthusiasm for Parisian elegance and entertainment, but he did not shy away from the life of the lower class. Some of his prints are interpretations of paintings by Watteau, Gainesborough, Turner, Fragonard and others.The majority of his graphic oeuvre was produced circa 1900, printed in small editions of 25 or 50 by the Delâtre workshop and published by Edmund Sagot.

As a member of the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Ranft took part in the exhibitions organized by this group. He also participated in exhibitions held by the Indépendants.
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