Janis Provisor

American , 1946 -

Janis Provisor is a painter and printmaker whose abstract imagery is based in the landscape and expresses an interior world. Since 1988, Provisor has collaborated with Master printer, Bud Shark to produce monotypes, lithographs and woodcuts. Often beginning the layering of her prints with a metallic-leaf ground, she may combine other techniques, including lithography, woodcut, chine colle, monotype and fabric collage. Provisor uses images of natural elements as metaphors in her search for spirituality. She has a passion for and knowledge of Chinese painting that is evident in her layering of forms and her use of a blend of differential spatial scales. The prints emerge from a chaos of markmaking and collage to present a sublime vision of beauty.

In 2002, Provisor produced a new multi- panel lithograph, “Living on Laight”. The rich surfaces of these beautiful panels are built up from numerous layers of ink on paper prepared with squares of composition gold, silver and copper metal leaf and metallic gold powder. These surfaces combine with the printed layers to achieve a tactile organic quality and an actual physicality. Provisor’s prints are abstracted from nature, “….it always comes back to nature. Internal… external… lumps and bumps, cells and twigs, and everything in between… pattern and accident together in one space… a lot like life for me”.
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