UNTEL is a group of artists consisting originally of three French artists, Jean-Paul Albinet, Philippe Cazal and Alain Snyers. (Wilfrid Rouff replaces Alain Snyers when he leaves the group in 1978.) During its brief but passionate existence, from 1975 to 1980, the group led numerous actions in the public sphere. The focal point of the group’s actions is the examination of the day-to-day life, shaped by social and political questioning, and impregnated by the revolutionary ideas of May 1968 and situationism. The proximity of UNTEL’s creation process to this idea of the lived experience has led the artist Ben Vautier to designate UNTEL historically as post-Fluxus. The idea of an art that first and foremost has to be experienced and lived, seems indeed in line with UNTEL’s considerations.
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