Philip Pearlstein

American , 1924 -

Philip Pearlstein was born in 1924 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He received an M.A. from the New York University Institute of Fine Arts and a B.F.A. from the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh.

A leading artist of American Realism, Pearlstein began making prints in the late 1960s. Utilizing the figurative traditions of Western art, he manipulates the female nude with great precision, producing a different prospective of the human body. He sometimes crops parts of the body, causing the subject to remain clearly distinguishable to the viewer and allowing the viewer to use their imagination to finish the image that continues outside of the canvas.

Selected solo exhibitions include “Philip Pearlstein Selected Prints 1972-1989” at the Condenso/Lawler Gallery in New York in 1991, “Three Decades of Prints by Philip Pearlstein” at the Mayer Gallery at the Elvehjem Museum of Art in Madison, Wisconsin in 1993 and “The Graphic Works of Philip Pearlstein, 1978-1994” at the Springfield Art Museum in Springfield, Missouri in 1995.
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