Aya Tarek

Egyptian , 1989 -

Aya Tarek is a painter and street artist who lives and works in Alexandria, Egypt. Her work focuses on exploring the notion of urban communication. Aside from her conceptual approach, her vibrant, comical works transmit a sense of simplicity and controversy. Through her site-specific murals, she investigates different ideas concerned with the surrounding public spaces. Tarek has participated in various exhibitions and events including Ankh Project, ITP Berlin, Arabic Graffiti & Egyptian Street Art in Frankfurt, Streets of Frankfurt, Graffiti: Style/ History/ Experience, Goethe Institute, PICK 4, Townhouse Gallery, Shopping Malls, Alexandria contemporary art forum (ACAF), Bytes and Pieces, Sharjah art foundation. She was the recipient of a number of residencies including Dakakin (Alriwaq contemporary art space), Bahrain and Artist in resident show (Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation), Italy.

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