Thérèse Oulton

English , 1953 -

Born in Shropshire in 1953. Studied at St. Martin’s School of Art (1975-79) and at the Royal College of Art (1980-83). Shortly after graduating, her first solo exhibition was held at the Peterborough City Museum and Art Gallery in 1984, and by 1986, solo exhibitions were mounted in galleries in Vienna, Munich and Berlin. Since then she has exhibited in New York and Los Angeles, and regularly in London.

Over the years she began to introduce suggestions of discernible signs or symbols, and of horizons and reflections, subtly acknowledging the presence of the visible world in her work. Some had already seen, in her attention to texture and in her gift for meticulous execution, a reflection of geology, and in recent years her work has indeed turned to geography. Exploring the characteristic texture of mountains and glaciers has led to a more pessimistic focussing on the scarred tissue of the earth itself. Recent work has revealed our assault on, and destruction of, the Earth’s surface in panoramic view, no longer poetically imagined or transformed, but graphically recorded in all its distressing reality.


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