JaZoN Frings

American , 1981 -

JaZoN Frings was born in 1981 in Houston, USA. He lives and works in Paris.

JaZoN Frings is an artist that operates under the identity of the JaZoN Ex., of which he is the creator and president.

The JaZoN Ex. is a system of notions that express the current state of his life. He uses different mechanisms from the financial world to reinterpret not only the idea of value itself, but how we can create art using it. His work robs the economy of the question thought to be its exclusive domain: the interpretation of the value? In turn the concept of finance is re-thought opening greater perspectives than its current status of a playground for a select few.The aim of JaZoN Frings’ work is to use value as expression, therefore each of his creations have their own value systems and regulations, plus most function in real time with an important place for public participation.
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