Jules Pascin

Bulgarian/French , 1885 - 1930

In 1902, aged 17 Jules Pascin travelled to Berlin, Vienna and Munich, attending various art schools. Widely recognised for his witty and incisive contributions to Simplicissimus and other German satirical reviews, he was welcomed upon arrival at the Gare Montparnasse in 1905 by a contingent of prominent "Domiers" - an international group of artists and writers who gathered at the Cafe du Dome - where Pascin soon became a fixture.

A superb, subtle colorist with a spontaneous and expressive line, Pascin was quickly embraced as a major talent by the art world on both sides of the Atlantic. At the New York Armory show in 1913, he was represented by a dozen works; only a few months into his stay in America in 1915, he was given a one- man show by a Madison Avenue gallery.
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