Saâdane Afif

French , 1970 -

Saâdane Afif was born in 1979 at Vendôme in France. He lives and works in Berlin. Defined as ‘post-conceptual’, his work is about interpretation and exchange. It takes multiple forms (performance, objects, sculptures, text, posters and works in neon) with the exhibition as a pretext for production or activation. The texts or statements are often transferred to the walls using holographic self-adhesive paper. Afif’s practice is rooted in music: scores, instruments, speakers, microphones, concerts and posters are part of his vocabulary or media. Other recurring interests include the passing of time (skulls, clocks), appropriation, remakes or repetitions and the displacement of meaning, and the critique of institutions. His major work, « The Fountain Archives », started in 2008, is a project of documentation and conservation of each Fountain by Marcel Duchamp mentioned in newspapers, books and publications all over the world.
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