José Clemente Orozco

Mexican , 1893 - 1949

One of Los Tres Grandes - the influential Mexican muralist painters of the early 20th century - Jose Clemente Orozco was also a prolific printmaker. His prefered graphic medium was lithography, his subject matter often focused on human suffering, the horrors of war, poverty and the exploitation of the worker and the rural Mexican population. He was active in the Mexican Revolution, was a stauch supporter of the Carranza government and a participant in several infamous student protests. His artistic influences include Dr Atl, symbolist painter Julio Roelas, and the Renaissance masters, such as Michelangelo. He worked for several years as a cartoonist for the Mexican newspaper La Vanguardia, and spent four discouraging years in the United States, in New York and San Francisco, trying to launch his career with little success. After returning to Mexico City and completing several large private commissions, he again traveled to the United States where he remained for several years, working on his murals for colleges in California, New York and New Hampshire. He finally returned to Mexico where he stayed and worked as a painter and graphic artist until his death in 1949.
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