Koshiro Onchi

Japanese , 1891 - 1955

Born in 1891, Koshiro Onchi began studying oil painting and sculpture at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts in 1910. Like many other artists, Onchi had reservations about adopting the traditional art teachings and he was fired and later readmitted to the Tokyo Art School, never completing his final exams.

Onchi established “Tsukubue”, a magazine for poetry and woodblock prints, in 1913, which he used as a platform to publish his print works. His first commissions were book illustrations, a field in which an artist could establish an early reputation. At the end of his career, Onchi had illustrated more than 1,000 books.

Onchi was an active promoter of the sosaku movement, becoming a leading member in several artist associations, exhibiting in all major exhibitions and contributing regularly to newspaper and magazines.
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