Nathan Oliveira

American , 1928 - 2010

Painter, printmaker and sculptor, Nathan Oliveira was born in Oakland, California in 1928. He studied at Mills College in Oakland with Max Beckmann in the summer of 1950, and received a B.A. and an M.A. at the California College of Arts and Crafts. Oliveira came into national prominence in 1959 when he was included in the New York Museum of Modern Art’s “New Images of Man”.

In addition to painting, Oliveira has worked in printmaking throughout his career. An accomplished lithographer, his work in monotype has helped define the process for many other artists. He joined the art department at Stanford University in 1965, where he established a printmaking program and influenced many of his students. He first began working in etching in 1994 when he did his first project at Crown Point Press. In 2001, Oliveira completed a series titled “Copper Plates Nudes II”, in which he drew directly on copper plates from a model. In the first of these prints, the figures are almost silhouettes and in the second they appear to be shadows.
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