Manuel Ocampo

Filipino , 1965 -

Manuel Ocampo was born in 1965 in Quezon City, Philippines. In his paintings, drawings and prints, he uses inconsistency, contradiction and reversals to explore a colonial heritage. With a singularly perverse view of contemporary culture, Ocampo makes intrinsically religious paintings that confront the viewer with moral dilemmas, ultimately transforming horror into beauty, and history into art.

Ocampo made his first print, “The Compensatory Motif in the Libidinal Economy of a Painter’s Bad Inconscience”, an eight- color lithograph with chine- collé, at Shark’s Ink in July 2001. The artist combines appropriated, altered images of his paintings and his collection of ephemera from popular culture to entice (and repulse) the viewer into his moral universe.

Manuel Ocampo received a Lila Wallace Artists at Giverny Award, a National Endowment Award and the Rome Prize in Visual Arts at the National Academy in Rome.
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