Gunnar Norrman

Swedish , 1912 -

Born in Malmö, Sweden in 1912, Gunnar Norrman received formal training as a botanist and concert- grade pianist before turning to art. He began studying natural science in 1930 at the University of Lund and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Botany, Chemistry and Genetics in 1938.

Norrman had his first individual exhibition of drawings at the Malmö Museum of Art in 1942 and he has since had numerous exhibitions in Europe and Japan. Norrman’s first exhibition in America was offered by Fitch-Febvrel in 1980 and he has had seven since, the last in 2003.

For more than fifty years, Norrman has focused exclusively on drawings and prints in black and white. His subjects, which include flowers, trees, land- and seascapes, are rendered in fragile detail.

He has been the recipient of several awards, including a Stipend from the 70th Birthday Trust of King Gustaf VI Adolf in 1958 and the Prince Eugene Medal in 1979.


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