Tetsuya Noda

Japanese , 1940 -

Born in the Kumamoto Prefecture of Japan, Tetsuya Noda graduated from the Tokyo University of Art in 1963 and, afterwards, he studied printmaking with Ono Tadashige. Five years later Noda won the Grand Prize at the Tokyo International Prints Biennial. In 1977 he participated in the Ljubljana International Print Biennial and in 1978 he participated in the Norwegian International Print Biennial.

Noda’s prints are mostly mixed media, employing woodblock, photography, digital scanner and silkscreen combinations, usually with hand-applied elements. Noda became Professor in the Faculty of Art at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts in 1991.

Noda has been a Visiting Artist at a number of schools, including the University of Alberta in Canada in 1984, the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Israel in 1985, Vanderbilt University in Tennessee in 1988 and the Canberra School of Art in Australia in 1990.
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