Dennis Nechvatal

American , 1948 -

Dennis Nechvatal (b.1948) lives and works in Madison, WI. He is a versatile artist whose recent pursuit has been to explore and master new styles and techniques. He is known for his cut tin masks and mask paintings, as well as his boldly executed vivid landscapes. Nechvatal’s work has been exhibited nationally since the 1980s. His paintings are included in numerous collections including the Chazen Museum of Art, Madison, WI; Blue Cross Blue Shield, Des Moines, IA; UW Children’s Hospital, Madison, WI; AT&T, Chicago, IL; Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, AK; The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL; Chemical Bank of New York, New York, NY; Continental Illinois Bank & Trust, Chicago, IL; and the Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI.
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