Otto Henry Bacher

American , 1856 - 1909

A painter, etcher and illustrator, Bacher was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1856. He first studied art in Cincinnati, then went on to become a student in Munich, Germany where he studied through the late 1870s. He attended the Académie Julian in Paris from 1885-1886 with Boulanger and Lefebvre and later studied with Frank Duveneck and Carolus-Duran.

Bacher made his first etchings in Cleveland in 1876 and further perfected his technique in Munich. Bacher wrote a book in 1907 titled "With Whistler in Venice" about his time spent in Venice where he had his own printing press. Throughout his career, he produced illustrations for various magazines, such as, "Scribner's", "Century" and "McClure's" and in 1901, won a prize at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo.
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