Jacques Muron

French , 1950 -

Jacques Muron studied drawings and printmaking at the École des Beaux- Arts, Toulouse from 1968-73. In 1982 he was awarded the Paul-Louis Weiller Prize by the Académie des Beaux- Arts in Paris. As recipient of the award formerly known as the Prix de Rome, he was a Fellow in residence at the Villa Medicis from 1983-85. His work, shown extensively in Europe, is found in a number of public collections.

Far from documenting his architectural and industrial surroundings, Muron captures a lyrical dimension of the ordinary with his abstracted depictions of familiar objects and facades. The artist projects a modern sensibility in stressing totemic qualities of prosaic objects, expressed through the centuries-old medium of engraving, which he renews with an emphasis, sometimes obsessive, on texture and shading.


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