Mark Mulroney

American , 1975 -

Mark Mulroney is the product of a brief d├ętente between the "godless communists" and the "patriotic fighting men" of the 435th Air Base Wing of the United States Air Force stationed in West Germany. Mulroney's mother, Marcia, was sent from Tallin, Estonia to West Germany to live with her aunt where she could enjoy color television and glossy magazines filled with ads for cosmetics and detergents that could remove bloodstains. It was there that she met her husband to be, an enlisted man in the United States Air Force. Mulroney was present on November 9, 1989, when the Berlin Wall came down. He has stated that this was truly a transformative and divine event in his life.

The fall of the Berlin Wall seemed to drive him to create a world that operated on his own terms, where events of a similar magnitude were a common occurrence. These events were constantly changing Mulroney's imaginary world for the better and his characters appreciated their newly remodeled environment. In the past two decades he has pretty much managed to stay attached to this world and to create work that lets others see what can be achieved if only they believe in divine intervention.
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