Eric Avery

American , 1948 -

Eric Avery was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1990, he collaborated with Master Printer Mark Atwood at the Tamarind Institute in Albuquerque, NM to create a seven-color lithograph/linocut titled, “U.S.A. Dishonor and Disrespect (Haitian Interdiction 1981-19__) State I”, a six-color lithograph/linocut titled, “Watson and the Shark” and a linocut titled “U.S.A. Dishonor and Disrespect (Haitian Interdiction 1981- 19__) State II”. In1994 (also at the Tamarind Institute), he collaborated with Master Printer, Bill Lagattuta on a four-color lithograph/linocut titled, “Galveston Blue Magnolia”.


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