Linn Meyers

American , 1968 -

"Over the past seven years I have used rules and systems in my drawings. Originally, I felt that this mathematical approach would lead to images that were rock solid, controlled, and somehow undeniable. But in reality it is the loss of some of these qualities which makes the images interesting. The slightest involuntary movement of my body causes an ever-so-minor slippage in the line, which, over the course of the drawing, has a ripple effect. I find myself embracing these patterns of imperfection.

My studio practice focuses on the uniqueness of each line and each image. At Tamarind, I learned that with lithography I could incorporate multiplicity within the image. I was able to make one image that could be reprinted and repositioned by means of chine collé two, four, or six times on the same sheet of paper. This discovery had a dramatic impact on the images I completed during my residency, and it will have ongoing consequences in my studio practice."

--Linn Meyers
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